15 Reasons to choose PCR for debt collection

15 Reasons To Use PCR as your debt collection agency

For many companies in Canada and the US, PCR is the preferred choice for their Canada commercial debt collection services. You will find below, 15 Reasons to choose Priority Credit Recovery or PCR for commercial debt collection.

Whether you're thinking of switching your debt collection agency or hiring a collection agency for the first time, finding professional debt collection services in Canada can seem difficult,as in Canada there are so many debt collection services.

Priority Credit Recovery or PCR is a commercial debt collection industry veteran that leverages hi tech systems with professional commercial collection techiques. PCR quickly adapts while many of our competitors conduct business the same old way they always have. Priority Credit's innovative spirit drives consistent growth and superior debt collection.

According to the ACA International, the debt collection industry's world-wide professional association, the average recovery rate throughout the industry was 16%. As of January 2010, Priority Credit Recovery exceeded our peer average by 56%.

Clients have cited the following 15 reasons
Why they chose PCR debt collection services:

  1. Money is recovered quickly. 100% focus on debt collection. It's all we do.

  2. Professional conduct minimizes reputational risk to clients. We view ourselves as an extension of your credit department.

  3. Low risk provider. 100% compliance with applicable debt collection laws - $2,000,000.00 of Professional Liability insurance (Errors and Omissions) as further protection for our clients.

  4. Fully licensed, bonded and insured. Copies available on request.

  5. Industry specific debt collection experience. Our collectors know how to overcome the typical commercial collection stall tactics.

  6. Fast decision-making. Accounts are collected, decisions to sue are made or recommendations for write-off.

  7. We know your customer. PCR maintains full property and corporate search capabilities in each province and news feed access to stay on top of events affecting your customers.

  8. Easy to understand commission agreements. No guessing your cost of recovery. Special fees can be negotiated for unusually large accounts.

  9. Fast settlement of debt collection claims - your money is returned to you up to 14 days faster than the industry average.

  10. Report access. Simple secure access to your accounts through our secure web portal. Accounts can be placed on-line. No waiting for returned phone calls. Get your information when you need it.

  11. Our goal is to establish a long term business relationship. We always act in the best interest of our client.

  12. USA office location. We are the only Canadian commercial debt collection service with this capability. Visit our site at www.accountadjustment.us.

  13. In-house legal team that process claims quickly and cost effectively.

  14. Active membership in the following professional organizations: Credit Institute of Canada, Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Credit Management- Canada, National Petroleum Energy Credit Association and the American Collectors Association.

  15. Industry specific references available.

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