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Priority Credit Recovery or PCR is a BC collection agency. We are a fully licensed and bonded commercial collection agency in British Columbia or BC. PCR specializes in retail and commercial collections. When you browse our site you will see why PCR should be your BC collection agency.

PCR is 100% compliant with applicable laws and carries $2,000,000.00 of Professional Liability (Errors and Omissions) Insurance as further protection for Clients of our collection agency.

Make sure your BC Collection Agency is licensed in
British Columbia

No matter which BC collection agency you choose, make sure they are licensed in the Province of BC. In BC it doesn't matter if it is a consumer or commercial debt. In order for a 3rd party collection agency to collect your debt in BC they must be a lawyer or a licensed under the British Columbia Business Practices and Consumer Protect Act as a BC collection agency.

There are no exceptions.

It is simple to verify if a BC Collection Agency is a fully licensed and bonded BC collection agency.

Numerous collection agencies will claim they can legally collect commercial debt in BC when in reality they are just praying they don't get caught. When they do get caught, you the client may face possible liabilities for the illegal actions of an unlicensed BC collection agency.

Using a collection agency in BC that isn't a licensed BC Collection Agency is like playing roulette and there are numerous pitfalls such as:
  1. In BC when a debtor has notified a collector or agency and the creditor that the debt is in dispute and the debtor wants the creditor to proceed with legal action, any further calls form the agency are illegal. When this situation occurs there are only 2 options for the agency-sue or close.
  2. In British Columbia Where a debtor has notified a collector or agency to communicate with him in writing and has provided the collector or agency with his current mailing address the collector or agency is only permitted to contact the debtor in writing. Any further phone calls by a collector or collection agency are illegal.

  1. In BC a collection agency is only permitted to contact a BC. Resident at his workplace:
    1. For the sole purpose of requesting the debtor's home address or home telephone number or both, if
      the collector or agency does not already have this information
    2. On one occasion if the collector has been unsuccessful contacting the debtor at his residence or
    3. The debtor has consented to the collector or agency communicating with him at his workplace

There are other pitfalls but the 3 mentioned are probably the most popular way to generate a BC Collection Agency complaint. Sooner or later the collection agency generates a complaint or query and you are no longer dealing with a debtor but a Large Government regulatory body who wants to know why you have an agency collecting debt in British Columbia that isn't a licensed BC Collection Agency.

PCR is a BC Collection Agency that knows the legal system in British Columbia

One way to know if your BC Collection Agency is efficient is if they know the court systems in BC. Accounts over 25 thousand are handled by the BC Supreme Court. Accounts below 25 thousand are handled by the BC Small Claims Court.

PCR knows both court systems. We are a transparent BC Collection Agency that is up front on all legal costs. For example: Here are the standard costs in BC Small Claims Court.

Make PCR your BC Collection Agency

When it comes to retail and commercial collections in BC, PCR has the tools, licensing and collection professionals to turn your receivables into fast bankable dollars. Make PCR your BC Collection Agency.

The main cities in British Columbia (BC) are:

Want more information how PCR can improve your bottom line? Give us a call for more information on our BC Collection Agency.
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