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Moncton Collection Agency Services

Moncton collection agency services at reasonable rates. PCR is a national commercial agency that is licensed and bonded in New Brunswick, or NB, for consumer and commercial debt collection in Moncton. Whether you are located in Moncton or need commercial debt collected in Moncton, PCR should be your Moncton Collection Agency.

Our collection agency provides a wide range of services such as outsourcing, accounts receivable management, risk management, contingency collections, credit seminars and training. When it comes to debt collection we have services and expertise that covers every area of debt collection. Combined with our superior infrastructure it is another reason to consider PCR, as your Moncton Collection Agency.

PCR commercial collectors are highly trained professionals with years of experience collecting commercial debt. Our seasoned pros know the quirks of collecting debt in different industries and our people are yet another reason to choose PCR as your Moncton Collection Agency.

If you are a business in the Moncton area and need to have commercial debt collected anywhere else in Canada then consider PCR as your preferred commercial collection agency. We are licensed, bonded and insured across Canada. We are more diverse than your typical Moncton Collection Agency.

Commercial debt collection in Moncton

Moncton has an interesting collection agency market. With a population around 140,000 people, Moncton is a major retail and commercial hub in the Maritimes with more than 1.3 million people living within a 2.5-hour drive. Almost 20% of the population in New Brunswick is located in Moncton. When you combine these statistics it is easy to see the diverse nature of the debt collection market covered by a Moncton Collection Agency.

From a commercial standpoint, Moncton is a major commercial distribution and transportation in the Maritimes. Insurance, information technology, financial services, business services, wholesale trade, sales and service industries are just some of the industries handled by a commercial Moncton Collection Agency.

What can PCR do for you in Moncton?

New Brunswick collection regulations should be kept in mind when selecting a Moncton collection agency. Using a collection agency that isn’t licensed and bonded in New Brunswick may result in a fine up to $10,200. PCR is fully licensed to operate as a Moncton Collection Agency.

When you contact us you will be taken care of by a commercial collection expert with a couple of decades of experience. You can also schedule a no obligation, free consultation on your needs for a Moncton Collection Agency.

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