New Brunswick

A Collection Agency must be licensed to collect debt in
New Brunswick

PCR is a licensed New Brunswick Collection Agency under the New Brunswick Collection Agencies Act. New Brunswick is strictly regulated and prohibits a company from listing a consumer or commercial debt collection with an unlicensed NB or New Brunswick agency. In fact it is a category E offence in News Brunswick.

This New Brunswick Act clearly states: A person who employs a collection agency that does not have the license required by this Act, or causes or procures letters to be sent or oral demands to be made upon debtors or alleged debtors by a collection agency not having such license, commits an offence. It should be noted that the offense is a category E offense that can result in a $10,200 fine.

New Brunswick is one province where creditors have to tread softly when listing consumer or commercial debt for collection. There is potential liability if a creditor does not use a fully licensed and official New Brunswick Collection Agency.

Collection Agency services in New Brunswick

New Brunswick has a population of over 750,000 people with a growing economy. Collection agency services cover service based industries such as health care, educational, retail, finance, and insurance sectors. 80% of New Brunswick is forest so the forestry industry is a large component. In addition the mining, mixed farming and fishing industries makes a diverse mosaic for a New Brunswick Collection Agency.

The diverse nature of New Brunswick’s commercial or B2B economy requires collectors with a higher skill level. Every commercial industry has unique characteristics and methods of handling credit. This is why PCR has seasoned commercial collectors who know these different industries by experience. Superior knowledge translates into higher recoveries and is included with our New Brunswick Collection Agency.

Over a third of the New Brunswick population is located in urban centres. Almost a third of the population speaks French, while English is the majority. Add in other diverse cultures and it is easy to see the challenge a collection agency has when collection commercial debt in New Brunswick.

The major urban centres in New Brunswick are:

  • Bathurst, NB
  • Campbellton, NB
  • Dieppe, NB
  • Edmunston, NB
  • Fredericton, NB
  • Miramichi, NB
  • Moncton, NB
  • Saint John, NB

Why PCR should be your New Brunswick Collection Agency

Aside from being an officially licensed New Brunswick Collection Agency, PCR provides many advantages for our Clients in commercial debt collection. Our sophisticated information infrastructure enables our Clients to monitor progress on their assigned accounts in real time. We also have access to numerous credit and information databases across Canada. With PCR you get more than you average New Brunswick Collection Agency.

PCR is licensed and bonded in all Canadian territories and provinces in Canada except Quebec. Give us a call or request a free consultation on services offered by our New Brunswick Collection Agency.
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