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PCR is a licensed and bonded Newfoundland Collection Agency. We are a licensed commercial collection agency that specializes in commercial debt collection in Newfoundland or NF and Canada. We also carry $2,000,000.00 of Professional Liability (Errors and Omissions) Insurance as further protection for Clients of our collection agency in Newfoundland.

One of the misconceptions about Newfoundland is that an out of province agency collecting commercial debt is exempt from licensing and bonding in Newfoundland. The Newfoundland Collections Act clearly states than a collection agency must be licensed with a surety bond to legally collect any type of debt in Newfoundland.

Newfoundland commercial collections

Newfoundland has a population of slightly over 500,000 people, half of which live near St. John’s, which is the capitol of Newfoundland. Collection agency activity is primarily in the Oil and Gas, Services industries, mining, forestry, fishing and tourism related industries. Diverse experience collecting in a wide range of industries is critical for a Newfoundland Collection Agency.

There are six primary commercial centres in Newfoundland. St. John’s , Conception Bay, Mount Pearl, Corner Brook Paradise and Grand Falls, Newfoundland. The bulk of commercial collections are made, or collection accounts listed, in these centres and are of primary importance to a Newfoundland Collection Agency.

The commercial collection industry in Newfoundland is growing along with the economy. Newfoundland has seen explosive economic growth and is no longer a Have Not province. The Newfoundland GDP has increased from $25 Billion in 2009 to $33 Billion in 2011 OR over a 32% jump in Newfoundland GDP in just a couple of years. The Oil and Gas Industry is mainly responsible for this growth spurt and it is easy to see the increasing demand for a Newfoundland Collection Agency.

Why PCR should be your Newfoundland Collection Agency

There are 15 main reasons why you should choose PCR as your Newfoundland Collection Agency. We have a sophisticated information infrastructure and our people are highly trained professionals in the art of commercial debt collection.

We are licensed in all provinces and territories in Canada, except Quebec where we have a reciprocal alliance with an efficient commercial collection agency. PCR services all of Canada including Newfoundland. We literally have Clients from all over the globe that rely on us as their Canada collection agency.

Peruse our site to see our large selection of commercial collection services. A PCR professional with a minimum of 20 years in the collection industry will be able to answer any questions you may have about our agency. You can also schedule a no obligation consultation with our Newfoundland Collection Agency.

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