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Priority Credit Recovery or PCR is a fully licensed and bonded commercial Ontario Collection Agency under the Ontario Collection Agencies Act. PCR is 100% compliant with applicable Ontario or ON laws and carries $2,000,000.00 of Professional Liability (Errors and Omissions) Insurance as further protection for our clients in Ontario.

No matter which collection agency you choose, make sure they are licensed in the Province of Ontario. It doesn't matter if it is a consumer or commercial debt in Ontario. In order for a collection agency to legally collect consumer or commercial debt in Ontario they must be a a licensed Ontario Collection Agency.

A Collection Agency must be licensed in Ontario

Follow this link to see if an existing or prospective agency is a fully licensed Ontario Collection Agency.

Many agencies will claim they can legally collect commercial debt in Ontario because the debt is commercial and exempt in Ontario. Be advised there is no such exemption in Ontario.

Hiring a collection agency in Ontario that isn't licensed may expose you to legal repercussions in Ontario:

  1. In Ontario under the Ontario Collection Agencies Act only Canadian residents may be licensed as a collector.

  2. In Ontario It is illegal for a collection agency to communicate with a debtor using any name other than the name under which the collection agency is registered. This means it is illegal for a collection agency employee to hold himself out as calling from the creditor, a law firm, or some government agency.

  3. Once a collection agency speaks to a person a collection agency may not contact that person more than three times in a seven-day period on behalf of the same creditor
Also keep in mind that Ontario has a diverse commercial collection landscape.A collection agency must have extensive experience and resources to effectively collect commercial debt in Ontario. With all the different industries in Ontario it is a wise move to hire a licensed Ontario Collection Agency.

PCR is a licensed
Ontario Collection Agency

When it comes to commercial collections in Ontario, PCR has the tools, licensing and the collection resources to turn your receivables into cash. Make PCR your commercial Ontario collection agency.

The main cities in Ontario:

Want more information how PCR can improve your bottom line in Ontario? Contact us for more details on collection services offered by our Ontario Collection Agency.
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