Debt Collection in Quebec

Debt collection in Quebec is affected by more collection regulations than anywhere else in Canada. Bilingual language laws are just the start of Quebec debt collection regulations, which also affects commercial debt collection.

In some ways collecting debt in Quebec is almost like being in another country. Besides the French-English language laws Quebec has many unique differences compared to the rest of Canada. For example: Parts of the Quebec Small Claims Court laws are based on Napoleonic Law. This and other unique cultural differences require a specialized skill set to collect debt in Quebec.

An agency must be licensed for Debt Collection in Quebec

Quebec requires that a collection agency be licensed in Quebec in order to legally collect in Quebec. In Quebec a debt collector must identify himself and give the name of the collection agency, the amount of the debt, the name of the creditor and the permit number. However, in Quebec a collector needs to be bilingual in French and English in order to legally collect debt in either language.

PCR is licensed in every Province and Territory in Canada, except Quebec. In Quebec we have a strategic alliance with a licensed Quebec law firm that handles our debt collection in Quebec. They have been in business for over 40 years are fully fluent in French and specialize in debt collection.

PCR and debt collection in Quebec

PCR handles many large Canadian credit portfolios that have debtors in Quebec. In this case we transfer the files to our Quebec agent and monitor their progress. Our agent is able to handle Quebec collection accounts for cradle to grave. This includes legal debt collection in Quebec.

Unlike many of our collection agency competitors we don’t play games with your reputation and we ensure our Clients are shielded from potential liability in Quebec, from someone not being legally licensed to collect debt in Quebec.

The last thing a Client needs in Quebec is to run afoul of the Quebec language laws because a collector is not fully bilingual. Our main objective is to protect our Client’s interests and reputation. Even though we are a licensed and bonded collection agency everywhere else in Canada, we don’t take any shortcuts when our Client needs to collect debt in Quebec.

The major financial hub in Quebec is Montreal.

Need debt collection in Quebec?

You will find more information on the Act Respecting Collection Of Certain Debts in Quebec. If we can be of any or if you have a mixed provincial credit portfolio in Canada, contact us for more information on debt collection in Quebec.

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